Q. Who needs a mobility scooter?

A. Scooters are designed for those who experience difficulty walking distances or who want to go further than they are able to walk. They are also widely used by people who have breathing difficulties of heart conditions.

Q. Do I need a license for a mobility scooter?

A. This class of scooter does not require a license and is exceptionally easy to drive. However, as your safety is our primary concern, one of our Solution Specialists will complete an assessment and test drive with you to ensure it is safe for you to use.

Q. How do I know which scooter will be right for my needs and environment?

A. Our home demonstration and test drive together with guidance from our Solution Specialist will assist you in choosing the right scooter.

Q. If I have a test drive, am I under any obligation to buy?

A. No, our home demonstration and test drive is a free and no obligation service.

Q. Still have questions?

A. We encourage you to you ask our Solution Specialist any questions you may still have during your home demonstration and test drive.

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